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THE reasons which favour the identification of the mosque EskI Imaret Mesjedi, which is situated on the heights above
Aya Kapou (Gate of S, Theodosia), with the church of S. Saviour Pantepoptes, the All-Seeing (vravren-oTrwis), are the following : first, the tradition to that effect/ which in the case of a building so conspicuous can scarcely be mistaken ; secondly^ the correspondence of its position to that of the Pantepoptes, on a hill commanding an extensive view of the Golden Horn ;2 and finally, the architectural features which mark it to be what the church of the Pantepoptes was3 a building of the Comnenian period. The church of the Pantepoptes was founded or restored by Anna Dakssena,8 the mother of Alexius I. Comnenus (1081-1118), one of the most remarkable women in Byzantine history, combining to a rare degree domestic virtues with great political ambition and administrative ability. For twenty years she was associated with her son in the government of the Empire^ and was the power behind the throne which he owed largely to her energy and devotion. About the year noo she laid aside the cares of state, and without renouncing altogether her royal style retired to rest in the monastery she had built, until her death, five years later, at an advanced age.4 There is nothing of special importance
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